Sony's Green Partner

01 October 2003

Sony Corporation and its group of companies have introduced the Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program as part of Sony's efforts to be GREEN. Recognizing that protection of the global environment is an important challenge in the 21st Century, Precico has positioned its efforts in this program and that as a result, have secured ISO 14001 certification in FY 2000. These programs are important to all components and materials used in Sony products sold or distributed in the world by its partners.

Precico will be responsible for observing all applicable laws and regulations relating to non-use or restricted-use of environmentally hazardous substances. In addition, Sony's standards, guidelines and requirements are enforced to ensure that Precico follows the necessary guidelines to maintain the certification.

Only a handful of partners in the region qualify and meet the stringent standards of Sony Corporation. Precico's is hoping to be one of a few companies in this region to be awarded with this recognition. Precico is extremely proud of this achieved milestone and will continue Precico's effort for more certification in the near future