Integrated Manufacturing Services

Frencken Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS) offers integrated contract design and manufacturing services to the automotive and office automation industries.

The unique part of our integrated services lies in our turnkey project capabilities comprising a team of experienced engineers engaged in product co-design and co-engineering with our customers at the initial stages of the product development cycle. Additionally, dedicated New Product Introduction (NPI) teams are in place to assure customers of a seamless transition from product concept to product realisation.

Leveraging on the extensive range of in-house capabilities and facilities, we provide a comprehensive range of outsourcing services to our global customers. These include product design, tooling design and manufacture, product industrialisation, plastic injection moulded parts/components and final test and assembly of modules and box build products.

With an established track record of 30 years in plastic injection molding and box build assemblies, our IMS has evolved from the production of high volume consumer audio products to high mix, low volume complex electro-mechanical products and medium to high volume automotive products.

Facilities and Services

IMS is equipped with an extensive range of well-established in-house facilities that enables the below services.

Plastic Injection Moulding

A wide range of servo electric and hydraulic machines ranging from 10 tons to 350 tons are available in-house to support the varied product needs of our customers. Higher tonnage requirements are outsourced via a strategic partnership with an external moulding shop.

Fabrication/surface finishes

Various surface coating technologies including printing, spray painting, laser etching, laser welding, PVD and UV coating are available in-house to manufacture a wide range of aesthetic finishes that meet the highest standards and demands of our automotive customers.

Eco Vapor Deposition (e-PVD)

Eco vapor deposition (e-PVD) solution is a sustainable new technology developed by Frencken in our Tianjin plant. It is a breakthrough technology in plastic surface finishing, which is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, not limited to automotive both first and second surface component.

Fully Automated Assembly, Box Build/Final Test

Depending on the process, test and assembly requirements, flexible cells and automation lines are designed and commissioned by our industrial engineers for optimum productivity and stability.

Global Centers


Frencken IMS Malaysia, Johor Bharu, Malaysia
Frencken IMS Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Frencken IMS China, Jinding, China
Frencken IMS China, Zhuhai, China
Frencken IMS China, Tianjin, China
Frencken IMS China, Chuzhou, China
Frencken IMS India, India
Frencken IMS Thailand, Thailand
Frencken IMS Singapore, Singapore
Frencken IMS Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Frencken IMS Switzerland, Switzerland
Frencken IMS BT Netherlands, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

* Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS) is also known as Juken Group of Companies.

Quality Assurance

  • IATF16949
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO45001
  • ISO13485

Market Segments

Leveraging our competency in integrated contract design and manufacturing services, our IMS has forged strong partnerships with an international customer base that spans Europe, Asia and North America. We provide our unique services and solutions to leading companies operating in the market segments below:


  • Gearbox Filters
  • Interior Plastic Decorative Parts
  • Dashboard Clusters, Pointers and Clocks
  • Eco-PVD

Office Automation

Office Automation
  • Power Supply Equipment
  • Metering
  • Office Equipment
  • Robotic Metal Insert and Over-Molding
  • Fully Automated Clean Room Painting, Printing, Laser Etching, and Laser Welding Facilities



We are active in

  • Gearbox Filters
  • Interior Plastic Decorative Parts
  • Dashboard Clusters, Pointers and Clocks
  • Eco-PVD



Frencken Mechatronics is a full-service main supplier with a strong reputation as a problem-solving technology partner for the manufacture of high precision industrial machinery and capital equipment to global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


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